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Our Foyer Welcome to Carnegie Funeral Home Online. We offer Professional Services with dedication to each family we serve. We are committed to providing full service funeral arrangements and reasonable prices. For your convenience, we can come to you, where all of our services are done with dignity, respect, professionalism and everlasting memories and love.

Other Services & Merchandise
  • Traditional Burials
  • Traditional Cremations
  • Caskets
  • Urns
  • Monuments
  • Tents
  • Shipping Services

Our Family

Funeral Service Oath

We do solemnly swear
by that which we hold most sacred;

That we shall be loyal to the
Funeral Service Profession
and just and generous
to its members;

That we shall obey the Civil Laws
That we shall not divulge
professional confidences;
And that we shall be faithful
to those who have placed
their trust in us

While we continue to keep this
oath unviolated
may it be granted to us
to enjoy honor in
our lives and in our professions,
and may we be respected by all
people for all time

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You can reach us locally at 352-493-1857 or by mobile at 352-316-4064.